The buffer trust management

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Investment proposal for buffer trust management of funds in the financial market.
Average yield 5-10%
Interview about the system (in Russian)
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The buffer trust. This scheme has a number of key advantages over the classic “individual” control scheme. Such a solution allows to minimize risks,as well as to improve the smoothness of the yield curve. The scheme is unique and this approach is an innovation in the market of private trust management.
The solution is designed to maximize the quality of risk diversification, by dividing the total capital into several parts between independent traders who do not have physical access to the account. The investor does not need to perform additional operations (separation), everything happens automatically through software developed and created by order.

Example: Trading account$90,000
The expense of software is divided between traders evenly over 30,000. Each trader works and applies risks based on their 30,000 account.
Trader 1-earnings per month +12%
Trader 2-earnings per month -6%
Trader 3-earnings per month +14%
Total for General account 12% + 14% — 6% / 3 = +6,6%
Total account total profit for the month is + 6.6%

The advantages of the buffer management scheme:
— Risk diversification
— Reducing the probability of loss
— Smooth yield curve
— Improving overall management efficiency
— At the same time involved in the management of 8 traders

A proposal for trust management:
— Individual brokerage account in the name of the investor. Monitoring account 24/5
— The investor chooses the Broker to work with.
— Minimum investment amount from $20,000
— The share of the investor's profit is 50-80% depending on the size of the investor's portfolio. The settlement period is 1 month.

Investment security:
1. The permissible maximum risk is established by agreement with the investor.
2. For all investors I am ready to telephone negotiations, I am ready to tell in more detail. For investors from Moscow is ready for a personal meeting. To discuss all conditions and formalities.

+7 929 996 07 07 (only Russian language)
Skype: Anvor Group
Email: (communication takes place through an online translator)

Also, I would be very happy and grateful if you share your opinion, tell me recommendations for the promotion of the product or tell me who in the future it may be interesting. Thanks


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